Are my frames a good choice for a new prescription lens?

If you're curious about which sunglasses or glasses frame is most suitable for a new set of replacement prescription lenses, then you've come to the right place. Luckily, we happen to know a thing or two about the best sunglasses or glasses frame for replacing your prescription lenses, so we'll break it down for you. 

The first step is to make sure you understand your prescription before getting new lenses. After that, it is time to find the best frames. Frame shape has a lot to do with whether or not there can be a new lens replacement, so here are the frame styles that best support a new set of prescription lenses.


These are the best frame types for a new prescription lens

We replace lenses in these frame types frequently and easily.

Full rim plastic frames and full rim metal frames

Semi-rim frames and high wrap sport frames

  • Rimless and Semi-Rimless
  • Sports/Wrap Frames
  • Metal Frames (with screws to release lenses)
  • Safety Goggles (dual lens)
  • Wooden Frames
  • Drill Mounts (most styles are eligible)
  • Clip-on Frames / Frames with Clip-On
  • Vintage Frames 

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Frame types we CANNOT re-lens.

We do not accept these frame types for lens replacement.

Shield frames and other specific frames listed below

  • Horn-Rimmed Frames (frames made from horn material)
  • Shield Lenses (single one-piece lens)
  • Metal Frames without lens release screws

Specific frame models we cannot re-lens.


  • Carbon Blade
  • Tailpin
  • Tailback
  • Inmate
  • Half X
  • Triggerman
  • SI Ballistic HNBL


  • Tycane Pro L A189
  • Evil Eye series


  • Stories

Maui Jim

  • Ho'okipa
  • Makaha
  • Breakwall
  • Lighthouse
  • Kanaha
  • Sugar Beach

Those awesome vintage frames MIGHT NOT be the best candidate for new lenses.

While finding the perfect vintage plastic frame at a second-hand shop is a feat worth celebrating, we may not be able to re-lens them due to their condition or wear and tear over the years.

A vintage plastic frame is often too brittle or has degraded significantly over time. Please check for any bowing in the arms or discoloration in the plastic before you send your vintage specs in for new lenses. If you do decide to send them in, we'll tell you right away if they can safely be re-lensed without breaking.

Don’t forget that Revant offers a guaranteed fit for their replacement lenses and free shipping within the good ole US of A. Prescription lenses start at $75. 

Whether you're seeking a solution for how to remove scratches from sunglasses or are wanting a new prescription, lens replacement is a great option. 

Ready to replace those prescription lenses and give your frames a new lease on life?

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Can’t find your frames in our selection?  No problem! You can ship us any frames (with lenses) and we’ll custom-cut and expertly install a fresh set of precision optics in whatever style you like—from shaded to clear, adaptive to polarized, prescription and more.