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The Student Conservation Association (SCA) is proud to partner with Southwest Airlines in building the next generation of conservaiton leaders and creating lifelong stewardship to the land. Southwest Airlines volunteers, SCA members, alumni, and local communities help restore and preserve public lands and waterways, providing vital habitat as well as recreational areas. Through these efforts, SCA and Southwest Airlines have engaged thousands in hands-on conservation service across the nation.

50 Acts of Kindness for the Environment and Each Other

Join the Student Conservation Association (SCA) and Southwest Airlines in acts of kindness! In honor of Southwest Airlines 50th Anniversary, put your #HeartInAction to spread a little bit of kindness to the environment and to each other. 50 Acts of Kindness for the Environment and Each Other Take the Southwest Airlines Kindness Pledge. Wave “Hello” to fellow hikers or runners. Let kindness bloom, plant budding blossoms. Spread your roots, plant a tree. Up your travel game with items like reusable water bottles and utensils. Prep for the spring with fall bulb planting. Spread kindness by lending a helping hand in your neighbor’s yard! Welcome your bird friends, install a backyard birdhouse. Create bat hospitality, set up a bat box. Shift to sustainable gift-wrapping and homemade cards. Try making dyes from natural colors. Unplug from technology and connect with nature. Switch to reusable storage containers for your leftovers. Opt for reusable water bottle or stick to one water glass throughout the day. Buy secondhand or locally made clothing. DIY your own cleaning agents. Choose reusable over single use. Track what you eat and create sustainable food habits. Reduce food waste by inventorying your fridge. Compost vegetable scraps, coffee, and more! Make homemade broths from frozen food scraps. Bee Kind and plant pollinator-friendly flowers. Learn how to cook and bake from scratch to reduce waste. Track your environmental impact to form healthier habits. Reduce food miles and buy locally. Join a farmer’s co-op or even share a space! Buy produce seasonally. Care for your trails by picking up litter. Find a friend and carpool or opt for public transportation! Choose to walk or bike places when possible. Share your green ideas using #HeartinAction and #Southwest50! Select environmentally friendly lodging options. Upcycle containers and other materials. Avoid the lure of new technology and models. Buy eco-friendly pet products. Make your own pet toys. Share your resources by donating to charities. Opt for E-tickets through Southwest mobile app. Make natural holiday wreaths, perfect for the change of each season! Give your dryer a break and hang your laundry outside. Grow a kitchen herb garden right from your windowsill. Opt for renewable energy when possible. Incorporate a weekly vegetarian or vegan day. Sprinkle caring on your plants by installing a rain barrel to conserve water. Switch off idle lights and appliances to reduce your energy use. Include recycling in your daily routine. Organize a community action day (virtual or in-person). Consider a stay-cation or local vacation spots over traveling great distances. Turn down thermostat and layer up with blankets. Reduce your water use by taking shorter showers and turning off unnecessary water. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50

To sign the Southwest Airlines Kindness Pledge, click here.

Luv Your Natural Spaces this Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day and Southwest Airline's 50th Anniversary, SCA hosted a virtual social distancing litter abatement hike. Southwest Airlines employees and SCA alumni connected to learn about how they could be kinder to the environment and each other. Check out the recording below to see how you can spread kindess this Earth Day!

For more acts of kindess to the planet, visit SCA's #SaveOurSphere Earth Month activities!


  • Put your #HeartInAction in celebration of Southwest Airline's 50th Birthday, tentative date June 18th, more details to come
  • Create a Kinder and Cleaner World in honor of World Kindess Day, tentative date November 18th, more deatils to come


SCA Alumni Ambassador Shows LUV for Southwest Airlines

"Being an SCA Ambassador has given me the opportunity to visit communities that I’ve never been to before, learn about issues they are facing, and lend a helping hand to tackle those issues while also helping the environment. One of the most memorable service projects I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of is helping restore a community garden in South Los Angeles with a nonprofit called RootDown LA. After two days of hard work, SCA Ambassadors and volunteers transformed the garden by creating community gathering areas, building picnic tables and [more.] It’s fulfilling to see the positive impacts we’ve had as Ambassadors in communities throughout the country.

The opportunities I’ve had as an SCA Ambassador wouldn’t be possible without the support of Southwest Airlines in getting myself and my fellow ambassadors to service project sites across the country. Southwest Airlines makes it easy to book and alter flights when needed. I’m grateful for the partnership between SCA and Southwest Airlines in helping build the next generation of conservation leaders."

~ Elisa Escobar, SCA alumni and Community Ambassador

Southwest Soars with Community Giving and Conservation

Southwest Airlines demonstrates its commitment to our communities and the environment through their partnership with SCA. As the official airline of SCA, Southwest Airlines provides hundreds of airline tickets each year for members, leaders, and staff. This generous gift enables SCA to have the capacity to service over 600 parks in all 50 states contributing over 1.3M hours of service. Join the partnership by donating your Southwest Rapid Rewards.

Not Just a Flight – How SCA is Able to Soar

When Southwest Airlines donates a flight to SCA it turns into something so much more. Thanks to Southwest, our youth leaders gained important workforce skills, which included conservation skills training, “Leave No Trace” training, chainsaw safety training, leadership development, and project planning. The donated vouchers from Southwest enabled dozens of youth to participate in life-changing conservation crew experiences in all corners of the country. The vouchers also allowed SCA staff to travel between the different SCA offices across the U.S., which helped staff members meet, share best practices, and participate in essential trainings.

On Earth Day, the Southwest vouchers mobilized teams in 10 different cities to host conservation events engaging citizens, employees, and youth to help give back to our planet. Volunteers of all ages and backgrounds came together to restore local parks and green spaces—planting thousands of trees, making thousands of wildflower seed balls to bring back native pollinators, and completing other projects to educate community members and help build capacity at urban parks nationwide. Southwest employees in New York, Houston, and Seattle rolled up their sleeves to help add to the over 2,400 volunteers.

One of our most exciting innovations, seed balls, has been spreading across the nation, thanks in part to Southwest. These seed balls help create wildflower and native plant habitats that help pollinators survive. Without pollinators, much of the farmed and wild flora that humans and other animals depend on for food, air, and shelter would die off, and that, suffice it to say, would not be good for anyone.

A Reputation to Grow With

Southwest Airlines’ stellar reputation has enabled us to develop new partnerships, allowing us to expand our reach. Companies including Nestlé in the U.S. and American Express have joined to help our cause, thanks in part to Southwest Airlines’ reputation and the programs enabled by Southwest’s contributions to SCA. Our nonprofit would not have the capabilities to afford meeting with companies to develop innovative partnerships if it were not for the support of Southwest.

Thanks to Southwest, we exceeded our goal of $25,000 on #GivingTuesday. In addition, we reached 25,000 pictures in our #DonateAPhoto campaign by gifting two Southwest Airline tickets as a prize.

A Company that Cares

Southwest Airlines believes in giving from the heart to make a positive impact on communities year-round. Southwest Employees join student volunteers at SCA’s service projects across the United States. Their desire to make a difference is part of who Southwest Airlines is as company, one that truly cares. They may be an airline, but they do some of their best work on the ground, and it wouldn’t be possible without their passionate employees. If you would like to join the team, donate your Rapid Rewards points here.


News, Stories & Projects

On Monday, January 20th, Student Conservation Association (SCA), in sponsorship with American Express and Southwest Airlines, teamed up with National Park Service (NPS) to serve at Anacostia National Park. In honor of MLK Jr. Day, over 150 community volunteers came out to help remove litter from the park shoreline and lands. In total, volunteers cleared nearly 16 acres of park land, more than 1,100 feet of shoreline, and accumulated over 150 trash bags. 

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The Student Conservation Association (SCA) is proud to count Southwest Airlines as a long-time partner in building the next generation of conservation leaders. Since 1957, SCA has mobilized more than 90,000 youth and community volunteers in service to the environment.

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The Student Conservation Association (SCA) is proud to call Southwest Airlines its most LUV’d partner, especially after SWA “Cohearts” participating in the airline’s spring company-wide initiative, fueled a record-setting SCA Earth Month celebration in April. Together, we mobilized a record-setting 4,000 volunteers to serve the planet, and conserved over 136,000 square feet of parks and public green spaces, created more than 6,500 seed balls, and planted over 3,000 trees, flowers, and shrubs.

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With the support of Earth Day sponsors American Express and Southwest Airlines, SCA brought together over 2400 volunteers nationwide to celebrate the planet through service. At 14 SCA Earth Day events across 10 cities, thousands of volunteers joined forces to honor the 47th Annual Earth Day and make a hands-on contribution to their local parks.

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Thank you to everyone who contributed to SCA on #GivingTuesday, we exceeded our $15,000 goal and raised $23,534 in less than 24 hours! You were part of a global movement involving over a million people donating more than $168 million to tens of thousands of causes!

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